June 2018

Issue: 1

Volume: 49

Inside this month’s issue of GSM, the free franking privilege of archbishops and bishops is examined by Robert Galland and Joe Peters explains how the stamps of Austria can provide endless enjoyment.

Contents June 2018

Contents to Volume 49, Number 1


The latest news from around the philatelic world.

Society News

More reports from the nation’s Philatelic Societies.

Diary Dates

Forthcoming fairs and auctions.

Around the Houses

The latest reports from the auction rooms.

New Collector

Richard West looks at King George VI definitives from the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Seychelles.

GB News

What a hoot! Royal Mail’s new owl issue features the five species of owls found in Britain.

The First Official Aerial Post of the United Kingdom, 1911: The Aftermath

In this final part, Derek Connell reveals the postal history and ephemera produced to celebrate key anniversaries of the pioneering flights of 1911.

GB Specialised Supplement

The latest supplement to the GB Specialised Catalogue.

Machin Watch

John Deering offers his thoughts on The Postal Museum’s latest Post & Go inscription, the five new tariff Machins and the 2018 Concise catalogue.

Bishops and the Franking System

The free franking privilege of archbishops and bishops is examined by Robert Galland.

Jersey's Frankenstein Creation

The creators of Jersey’s new Frankenstein issue reveal how the set was brought to life.

Andorra: Beyond the Catalogue

A special report by Christer Brunstrom for those looking to add something different to their Andorra collections.

Netherlands 1944 Independence Issue

The full story of the stamps issued by the Dutch government-in-exile during World War II is told by Alan Wishart.

The Museum of Philatelic History

Richard West highlights some of the many treasures from The Museum of Philatelic History at The Royal Philatelic Society London.

Basutoland's 'Unnecessary' Official Stamps

Basutoland’s short-lived ‘OFFICIAL’ overprints of 1934 are the country’s rarest stamps and a philatelic mystery.

New Beginnings Out of the Ruins of Empire

Joe Peters explains how the stamps of Austria can provide endless enjoyment.

Dear GSM

Readers have their say, courtesy of the GSM postbag.

Damage to the Mails on Land: Part 2

John R Roe concludes his survey of the Damaged Mail collection of the Late Major Adrian Hopkins, MC.

2017 Foreign Postal Stationery

Geir Sor-Reime begins his annual review of modern foreign postal stationery.

Postal Stationery Matters

In his 100th column, Peter van Gelder highlights more postal stationery finds.


Another chance to win a £50 Stanley Gibbons voucher.

Gone But Not Forgotten

More stamps from the world’s long-lost countries.

Stamp Hunting

Nimrod highlights the key issues of Bermuda.

The Dove and Olive Branch: Symbols of Hope and Peace

Grace Davies tells the story of her gold-medal winning display.

The Postal History of Middle-earth

Steve Pendleton embarks on a quest to find postal history associated with the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings.

Stamp News in Brief

A summary of recent and forthcoming issues.

Shore to Shore

Catch up with the latest issues from Jersey, the Isle of Man and Alderney.


Alison Boyd investigates the stories behind some of the latest stamp issues from around the world.

The Unissued Stamps of King George VI

Get ready for more faux fun from the Hedley Adams Mobbs collection.

Catalogue Column

Hugh Jefferies offers more comments from the Catalogue Editor’s chair.

Catalogue Supplement

Your 15-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.