Meet the Team


Meet the award winning creative team behind the worlds leading stamp magazine…


Dean Shepherd – Editor 

Dean became the editor of GSM in 2013 – the pinnacle of a career in philatelic magazine publishing which began more than 20 years ago. For Dean, the attraction of stamp collecting is how these often beautiful works of art can open a unique window into world history. 



Alison Boyd – Sub Editor 

Alison has spent her entire career in the publishing industry, starting at an academic bookshop and then moving to the business book division of an international publisher. A fascination with history and the material past began with her childhood stamp collection. 



Gary Keeping – Design Sub-editor 

Gary has been a key cog in the GSM wheel since 2012. His creative eye and love for the content ensures every issue of GSM looks its best. Bitten by the collecting bug early on in his career at Stanley Gibbons, Gary is now a keen collector of early GB line engraved. 



Shelley Day – Sales Executive 

Shelley has worked within media sales for over 15 years spending the majority of her career on retail, travel and philatelic publications. She has curated a small collection of iconic stamps during her time with Stanley Gibbons, but her true passion is international travel.