June 2020

Issue: 1

Volume: 51

In the June edition of GSM, Richard West highlights more reasons for stamps to be overprinted, Joh Groenewald travels to Bermuda to examine the prisoner of war mail of the Second Boer War and Michael Peach looks at the life of X-rays inventor Wilhelm Rontgen and the stamp issues commemorating his career.

Contents June 2020

Contents to Volume 51, Number 1


The latest philatelic news from around the world.

Society News

More reports from the nation’s Philatelic Societies.

Auction Dates

Forthcoming auctions.

Around the Houses

News of recent auction results.

New Collector

Richard West marks his returns to GSM by highlighting more reasons for stamps to be overprinted – from currency changes to celebrating independence.

GB News

Royal Mail commemorates the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

The London District Postmarks 1844: Part 1

District Post cancels are highly sought after but are often confused with the more common Inland Post cancels. Harry Layne helps in their identification.

Joseph William Palmer 1853-1931

In another analysis of eminent early stamp dealers and publishers, Michael Peach takes a look at the life of Joseph William Palmer, who opened the first stamp shop on the Strand.

Machin Watch

John Deering reveals the hidden secrets of the Tomb Raider retail booklet, examines the new emblem definitives and clarifies a grey area concerning The Queen’s head.

GB Specialised Supplement

The latest supplement to the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Catalogue.

British Colonial and Protectorate Stamps Part 22: Gambia

In the latest in his long-running series on British Colonial and Protectorate stamps, Noel Davenhill turns his attention to the smallest nation in Africa, Gambia.

The Wonders of the Weather

Nick Oughton takes us on a philatelic tour of everyone’s favourite topic of conversation.

The 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War: Part 4: Bermuda POW Mail

Joh Groenewald travels to Bermuda to examine the censorship and other postal markings used on prisoner of war mail of the Second Boer War.

1955: What Did They Commemorate Then?

Turning the clock back 65 years, Peter van Gelder sees what the various Post Offices of the British Empire and Commonwealth were commemorating back in 1955.

Stamps of the General Government in Poland 1939-40

After the German invasion of Poland in 1939, a General Government under German rule was established. Alan Wishart discusses the postal services and the stamps issued in German occupied areas in 1939 and 1940.


The latest book and catalogue releases read and rated.

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen 1845-1923: The X-Ray Man

The discovery of X-rays in 1895 by Wilhelm Rontgen helped transform medical diagnosis. Michael Peach examines the life of Rontgen and the stamp issues commemorating his career.

Indian Feudatory States: Charkhari

Christer Brunstrom looks at the stamp issues of the Feudatory State of Charkhari from 1894 until it became part of the Dominion of India in 1947.

Stamp Hunting

Stamps to look out for from Fiji.

Postal Stationery Matters

Peter van Gelder revisits the Australian cards produced for the USA’s ‘Great White Fleet’ in 1908, highlights pioneering postal stationery from Austria and Wurttemberg, and reveals a British postal strike envelope of 1988.

1919 Foreign Postal Stationery

Geir Sor-Reime begins his annual review of modern foreign postal stationery. In this first instalment, he looks at recent issues from Aland to Greece.

Gone But Not Forgotten

In this month’s article on stamp issues from dead countries, John Moody looks at the colonial issues of the Italian Post Office from 1932 to 1934.

Stamp News in Brief

A summary of recent and forthcoming issues.

Shore to Shore

We highlight the latest new issues from Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.


Win a £50 Stanley Gibbons voucher.


Alison Boyd investigates the stories behind some of the latest stamp issues from around the world.

The Unissued Stamps of Germany

More tongue-in-cheek fun from the Hedley Adams Mobbs collection.

Catalogue Column

Hugh Jefferies offers more collecting advice from the Catalogue Editor’s chair.

Catalogue Supplement

Your 10-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.