December 2010

Issue: 7

Volume: 41

Inside this month’s issue of GSM, John Holman looks at stamps of Tokelau and Soruth and David Pollard looks at how slogan postmarks helped to promote the war effort.

Contents December 2010

Contents to Volume 41, Number 7.


The latest news from the stamp world.

Society News

Reports from philatelic societies.

Diary Dates

Forthcoming Fairs and Auctions.

Around the Houses

News of recent auction results.

New Collector

John Holman looks at stamps of Tokelau and Soruth.

GB News

New Royal Mail issue: The Genius of Gerry Anderson, six stamps and a miniature sheet to be issued on 11 January.

British Private Posts

Downstream Access, Tourist stamps, Charity Posts, Railway and Island stamps; John Holman reports.

Slogans of World War II

David Pollard looks at how slogan postmarks helped to promote the war effort.

Machin Watch

An in depth look at Post & Go Bird stamps and Special Delivery definitives provided by John Deering.

Charles Dickens

Alan Sacks takes a philatelic tour through Dicken’s life and times.

GB Specialised Catalogue

A supplement to the Great Britain Specialised Catalogue.

Dear GSM

Readers’ correspondence.

Ottoman Philately

In the conclusion of this article, Arapian-Bey introduces the cancellations of the Empire and reviews the literature.

Graham Land

Steven Pendleton reviews the postal arrangements of Britain’s Antarctic bases.

New South Wales

The background to the stamps of the 1901–1912 Commonwealth period is outlined by Richard Breckon.

GSM Bookshelf

Reviews of George V and the GPO, The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Stanley Gibbons Australia catalogue.

Unissued Malaya

Why were no Victory stamps issued for Malaya and Singapore? Susan McEwen explains.

Weapon of Mount Destruction

Dr John Horsey causes an incident on his way to Australia.

North Korea

Nicholas Pertwee concludes his tour with a visit to the Trade Zone and its post office.

Postal Stationery Matters

Peter van Gelder highlights more unusual items

NZ's First Christmas Stamp

Christopher Moor examines a painting by Rembrandt.

NZ's Christmas Stamps

Robin Gwynn FRPSL, FRPSNZ, discusses the development of New Zealand’s Christmas issues.

Mauritius George VI Postmarks

David Horry reviews the postmarks of Mauritius and provides a table of types and their dates of use.

Blindman's Mail

Peter Jennings FRPSL, FRGS, interviews Gavin Fryer FRPSL, author of a recent book on postage for the blind.

Samuel Creeps

Michael Banister selects extracts from the journal of an ordinarie collector.

A Very Merry Christmas

John Scott looks at the history of the Christmas card.

Stamp Hunting/Competition

Nimrod suggests some stamps worth looking for from Qatar. Your chance to win a £50 SG voucher.

Shore to Shore

Island Hopper looks at the latest issues from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.


Dean Shepherd investigates the background to some recent new issues.

Building a Philatelic Library

Books will increase your knowledge and understanding; Paul Brittain makes some suggestions for the philatelist.


A chance to win one of five sets of the 2011 edition of Stamps of the World.

Unissued QEII/Catalogue Column

David Horry reveals the story behind another unissued stamp. Hugh Jefferies reports on some Straits Settlements varieties and British stamps on uncoated paper.

Catalogue Supplement

A 9-page update to the Stanley Gibbons catalogue.