February 2013

Issue: 9

Volume: 43

Included inside the February issue of GSM, Paul T Carter takes a look at  Krag machine continuous-impression postmarks and Ashley Lawrence FRPSL discusses the printing of the Sower stamps of France.

Contents January 2013

Contents to Volume 43, Number 9


Royal Mail reveals its 50th anniversary Doctor Who stamps; an impressive China auction result and news on another international award for GSM

Society News

Reports from philatelic societies

Diary Dates

Forthcoming Fairs and Auctions

Around the Houses

Hugh Jefferies presents a round-up of the latest auction news from the UK and abroad.

New Collector

Another inspiring article for new (and seasoned) collectors

GB News

Royal Mail’s latest six-stamp set marks the bicentenary of the publication of Jane Austen’s most famous novel – Pride and Prejudice

Jeffery Matthews: 50 Years of Design for Royal Mail

Part 3. The Heraldic Touch

British Private Posts

John Holman reports on the latest issues surrounding the nation’s private postal operators. Included this month is: downstream access, railway and island stamps and Christmas charity posts

Krag Machine Postmarks

Paul T Carter takes a look at the enduring Krag machine continuous-impression postmarks and charts their use from the UK trial back in 1905 to their ‘almost’ final demise

Stamping Along the Great West Road - Part 4

Alan Sacks concludes his light-hearted philatelic tour along one of Britain’s grandest thoroughfares

Machin Watch

John Deering keeps us up to date with the world of ‘Post & Go’ varieties, including some very special exhibition exclusives to look out for

GB Specialised Catalogue

The latest supplement to the Great Britain Specialised Catalogue

The Printing of the Sower Stamps of France

Ashley Lawrence FRPSL shows us how to sort these ‘common little stamps’ by discussing the different papers, methods of printing and configurations that were used in their production

Allan Crawford

Peter Jennings FRPSL, FRGS looks at how Allan Crawford’s long and eventful life impacted upon the lives and postage stamps of this remote island

Stamp Hunting/Competition

Nimrod highlights some important stamps to look out for from Bechuanaland. Plus: Win one of five copies of the 2013 edition of Collect British Stamps

Falkland Islands Diversities

Reg Taylor reports on a new 12-stamp definitive set that encompass whales, dolphins and porpoises which inhabit the rich oceanic waters surrounding these islands


More philatelic publications are read and rated

The US National Park Series of 1934

Peter Martin reveals how one of the most popular US sets of stamps of the 20th century came into being and the ‘follies’ that upset so many people

The Death Centenary of Edward Stanley Gibbons

John Holman takes a look at the life and career of one of the most famous names in philately

Roger Wells - Revealed!

New information has come to light concerning this well-known postmark collector, David Horry explains

Ghana’s 1988 Provisional Definitives

The C100 Surcharges – Part 2

Tommy Godwin - 1948 London Olympic legend

Peter Jennings FRPSL, FRGS talks about one of the most influential figures in British cycling

Changing Tastes

Collector’s interests have changed a lot over the years, and one relatively recent development has been the content of letters. John Scott discusses one such classic example in his latest article for GSM

Shore to Shore

More issues from the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey

Stamp News in Brief

A summary of recent and forthcoming issues


Dean Shepherd investigates some more of the latest new issues

Unissued QEII/Catalogue Column

The story behind an unissued stamp of Montserrat. Plus, Hugh Jefferies’ latest comments as SG catalogue editor.

Catalogue Supplement

A 16-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue