January 2010

Issue: 8

Volume: 40

Included in another eclectic mix of articles, in the first part of a new series, David R Wright looks back 50 years to the independence stamps  of West Africa and the telegraph stamps of Canada and the USA are reviewed by Steve Hiscocks

Contents January 2010

Contents to Volume 40, Number 8


Collect British Stamps redesigned; Gross collections make $3.2 million; Apollo 15 space cover purchased; Exhibitions; London 2010 update.

Society News

Reports from philatelic societies.

Diary Dates

Forthcoming Fairs and Auctions.

Around the Houses

News of recent auction results.

New Collector

John Holman looks at letterpress printing, the Indian Feudatory State of Duttia, New Zealand private posts and items submitted by readers.

GB News

Miniature sheet celebrates 100 years of Guiding; New Smilers sheets; Olympic stamp book series.

Machin Watch

John M Deering examines the ‘Castles of Scotland’ generic sheet and the new ‘Recorded Signed For’ stamps.

Stamps of the City: West

Derek Connell completes his philatelic visit to the historic City of London.

GB Specialised Catalogue

A supplement to the Great Britain Specialised Catalogue.

Completion, the Curse of Stamp Collectors

Advice from Tony Buckingham to pick the stamps you like and enjoy collecting.

The MO&SB Postmarks of Ceylon

David Horry, with help from Ray Stanton, reviews the interesting and diverse Money Order and Savings Bank cancels.

Two Sailing Ships That Influenced New Zealand’s History

The histories of the Tory and Edwin Fox, both illustrated on New Zealand stamps, are told by Christopher Moor.

Stamp Hunting/ Competition

Nimrod suggests GB Year Packs and PHQ Cards that are worth looking for, as well as a Falkland Islands set.

Africa’s Independence Stamps

In the first part of a new series, David R Wright looks back 50 years to the independence stamps  of West Africa.

The Telegraph Stamps of North America

The telegraph stamps of Canada and the USA are reviewed by Steve Hiscocks.

Bill Gross, Stamp Collector and Philanthropist

Gibbons Stamp Monthly has an exclusive interview with Bill Gross, who has recently donated $3.2 million to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

A Homecoming and a Bright Future

Chris Harman RDP, FRPSL, looks at the history of Frank Godden—long synonymous with the finest stamp albums—which has recently been acquired by Stanley Gibbons.

Birmingham Philatelic Society Celebrates 125 Years

The Society’s early years are reviewed by Alan Spencer, who reveals its connection with Stanley Gibbons.

London 2010—Finding the Right Venue

In the first of a new series, Paul Brittain examines the background to organising an international stamp exhibition.

Alan Bean, Intrepid Astronaut and World Renowned Artist—the Fourth Man on the Moon, November 1969

Peter Jennings FRPSL, FRGS, talks to Alan Bean about his space missions and his paintings.

Shore to Shore

Island Hopper previews the Isle of Man’s Christmas stamps, the latest endangered species sheet from Guernsey and Jersey’s Guide stamps.

Stamp News in Brief

A summary of recent and forthcoming issues from around the world.


John Moody investigates the background to some more new issues.

The Unissued Stamps of King George V/ Catalogue Column

David Horry reveals the story behind another unissued stamp. The Catalogue Editor reports on some more varieties.

Catalogue Supplement

A 20-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.