May 2011

Issue: 12

Volume: 41

Included in this month’s GSM, Margaret Morris reviews the history of the Hubble Space Telescope and the man behind it and David Horry reveals Kenyan postmarks to look out for from the King George VI period.

Contents May 2011

Contents to Volume 41, Number 12.


The latest news from the stamp world.

Society News

Reports from philatelic societies.

Diary Dates

Forthcoming Fairs and Auctions.

Around the Houses

News of recent auction results.

New Collector

John Holman looks at the 1951 Festival of Britain and stamps for and against Sunday delivery.

GB News

New Issues: Morris and Company stamps and prestige booklet, Royal Wedding miniature sheet and more Post & Go Birds.

Machin Watch

John Deering looks at low value self-adhesive Machins and the WWF prestige booklet.

Victorian STO Envelopes

Colin Baker concludes his examination of these items and explains how an embossing die is made.

Wilding Castle DLR Plates

Peter Shaw updates his article of September 2009.

The King is Dead …

A visit to the exhibitions that took place during the reigns of Kings Edward VII and George V with Derek Connell.

GB Stationery/Labels/Postmarks

A report on recent developments by John Holman.

GB Specialised Supplement

A supplement to the Great Britain Specialised Catalogue.

Happy Birthday, Hubble!

Margaret Morris reviews the history of the Hubble Space Telescope and the man behind it.

Postal History at Stampex

John Holman reports on the Postal History Society’s display at this year’s Spring Stampex.

Railway Parcel Stamps

Christer Brunström explores a fascinating collecting field.

Behind the Scenes

Crests and seals can be important as John Scott shows in another of his articles on the social history aspects of philately.

Murder and Mysteries

The story behind the British Guiana 1c. Black on magenta is told by Paul Brittain.

Stamp Hunting/Competition

Nimrod suggests stamps worth looking for from Egypt. Your chance to win one of five Great Britain Concise Catalogues.

North Korea Postmarks

Nicholas Pertwee provides an appendage to his previous articles with an explanation of the Korean writing system.

ABPS Sheffield 2011 Exhibition

Donald Radley and Greg Spring report on the exhibits.

Dublin''s Postal Museum

‘Letters, Lives and Liberty’, an exhibit at Dublin’s Postal Museum is outlined by its Curator, Stephen Ferguson.

Kenya KGVI Postmarks

David Horry reveals Kenyan postmarks to look out for from the King George VI period.

Ferndown Philatelic Club

John Garrett provides a brief history of the Ferndown and West Moors Philatelic and Postcard Club, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Dear GSM

Readers’ correspondence.

Europe's First Audio Stamp

A visit to Joh Enschedé by Peter Jennings FRPSL, FRGS, where he sees some innovative Dutch stamps.

2009–2010 Postal Stationery

Geir Sør-Reime begins his annual survey of the world’s postal stationery, listing countries of the Commonwealth.


Dean Shepherd investigates some recent new issues.

Stamp News in Brief

A summary of recent and forthcoming issues from around the world.

Shore to Shore

The greatest TT races, Guernsey forests and Orchids and Royalty from Jersey – Island Hopper reports.

Unissued QEII/Catalogue Column

David Horry reveals the story behind an unissued stamp. Hugh Jefferies provides an update on the 2012 ‘Part 1’ and reviews an important criterion for catalogue listing

Catalogue Supplement

A 19-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.